Aug 11

Hash Oil Cures Cancer

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Q: Hemp Oil cure cancer?

A: There is no one particular thing that will cure cancer, rather a combination of many organic foods and supplements, being drug-free, exercise and a positive men… Read More »

Source: answers.yahoo.com

Q: Does hemp oil cure Cancer?

A: Yeah Read More »

Source: wiki.answers.com

Q: Can hemp oil cure cancer?

A: I can guarantee you that you will receive one answer (from a contributor who has demonstrated that he knows nothing about cancer) telling you that yes, hemp oil… Read More »

Source: answers.yahoo.com

Q: Can hemp oil cure cancer ?

A: Where are the human clinical trials to prove efficiacy. You do understand that you can see cancer . . in the form of tumors and record the progress of any treat… Read More »

Source: answers.yahoo.com

Q: Does hemp oil cure cancer?

A: A team discovered that this THC kills human brain tumor cells at a concentration that is no… Read More »

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  1. Nom: *ousteland

    bonjours j’ai bessoin de cannabis medical pour soigner mes pathologie merci contacter n

  2. Tony

    Cannabis oil ..not hemp oil …has cut my PSA in half ..along with a healthy diet ..no sugar and an alkaline body .. PSA for those that do not understand ..is the marker for prostate cancer .. & yes my doctors not only support my efforts but now it’s their order to continue this treatment .. & I am a consultant for them as I am a former drug counselor/consultant to the Commonwealth of Mass ..a family specialist …and field sire supervisor for five collages … It works people . God Bless and good luck ..slay that dragon ..:)

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